Month: September 2012

Show Schedule 9-22-2012

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM,, I-Tunes & smart phone apps
Key West Address- James Slater
When the Coast is Clear- Jimmy Buffett
Summer’s Gone- Beach Boys
Telephone- Bob Karwin
Bob Karwin interview
Bar Fights & Bar Maids- Bob Karwin
Goodbye Captain- Bob Karwin
Plane Drunk Mama- Swim Skinny
Footprints- Adam Kiraly
Candy Man Blues- Little Feat
Green Sunshine- Aqua Velvets
Beautiful Day Down Paradise Way- Key West Chris
Just Another Island Story- Gene Mitchell
Volunteers- Jimmy & the Parrots
Mark Woods Tiki tender drink recipes
Cabo San Lucas- Toby Keith
Something I Do- Robert Earl Keen
Sunburned- Laurie Biagini
Run Run Run- Explorer’s Club
I Love the Feeling- David Myhr
Presents to Send You- Jimmy Buffett (Live)
Irie Sponsible- Sam Rainwater
Grand Hotel- Explorer’s Club
Humhuhumunukunukuapua- Eric Stone
I Need a Beach- Joe Bennett
Just Another Girl- BE Mann
Defying Gravity- Mac McAnally
Scarlet Begonias- Jimmy Buffett
God Bless You Jimmy Buffett- Jonah Koslen
Drunk Front- Laidback Larry
I Love the Feeling- David Myhr
Linda- EC Davis
Bad Day at the Beach- Jim Hoehn
When You’re Hot you’re Hot- Jerry Reed

Show Schedule 9-17-12

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM,, I-Tunes & smart phone apps
Special guests: Carlos Jones & Minna (from Jamaica)
Reggae Music- Jimmy Cliff
Jump in the Line- Carlos Jones
Summertime- Minna
Island Song- Zac Brown Band
Carefree Highway- Gordon Lightfoot
Carlos, Minna live
Gentleman of Leisure- Jimmy Buffett
Island Time- First Light
The Tide is High- BE Mann
Waves- Ray Fogg
Iko Iko- Dave Lapio
In the Shelter- Jimmy Buffett
Suzannah- Peter Mayer (Live)
A Good Thing- Minna
Rain Jaudon’s New Orleans report
Carlos , Minna live
Mellow Mood- Carlos Jones
Could You Be Loved- Bob Marley
Miss Jamaica- Jimmy Cliff
A Place in the Sun- Pablo Cruise (Live)
The Rhum Bar- Boat Drunks
No Woman, No Cry- Dave Lapio
Sugarcane- Minna
Coconut Radio- Coconut Radio
Reggae Band- Swim Skinny
Carlos, Minna live
Into the Groove- Ziggy Marley
Manana- Jimmy Buffett
Havana Heart Attack- Sunny Jim White
Footprints- Adam Kiraly
I Can See Clearly Now- Carlos Jones
Rum Barrel- Crazed Mugs
Keep on Lovin’- Mishka

Show Schedule 9-3-2012

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM,, I-Tunes & smart phone apps
A Pirate Looks at 40- Jimmy Buffett
Come Monday- Jimmy Buffett (Live)
Waves- Ray Fogg
Low Tech Guy in a High Tech World- Brent Burns
Brent Burns interview
‘Cause I’m a Guy- Brent Burns
Life in the Slow Lane- Brent Burns
Be My Baby Boomer Baby- Brent Burns
Island Style- Jimi Pappas
Mother & Child Reunion- Paul Simon
Sandbar Reggae- John Patti
Blame it on the Margaritas- Howard Livingston
Island Girl- Beach Boys
Miss Jamaica- Jimmy Cliff
Fulla Vibes- Carlos Jones
Rich Breest Island info
Heart of the Night- Poco
Sunsettled- Coconut Boat Band
The Tropics of Tennessee- Steve Hopper
The Salsa Dance- Don Middlebrook
Wild World- BE Mann
Let There Be Surf- Chevel
Beachnik Hippie- Swim Skinny
Quiet Cove- Dani Hoy
The Wind- Zac Brown Band
Rhumba Man- Little Feat
Tattooed Girl- Little Feat
Son of a Son of a Sailor- Jimmy Buffett
Trop Rock Frame of Mind- Parrot Island Band
Love in the Tropics- Gene Mitchell
Turning Nights into Stories- Jim Morris
Help Me- Joni Mitchell
Strange But Surf- Lobster Rock
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