Month: March 2013

Show Schedule 3-25-2013

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM,, I-Tunes & smart phone apps
Uncle John’s Band- Jimmy Buffett
Natural Mystic- Bob Marley (Live)
Be Good to Yourself- Bob Gatewood
Paradise- Lance “Flipper” Steen
Lance Steen interview
Why Don’t We Stay- Lance “Flipper” Steen
Down in the Florida Keys- Lance “Flipper” Steen
Back to Kauai- Rob Mehl
Dang Good Day- Ken Johnson
Ocean is my Motion- Mishka with Jimmy Buffett
One Particular Harbor- Robert Greenidge
Further on Down the Road- Eric Clapton
Salt in My Veins- Jake & the Half Conched Band
Ocean Blue- Swim Skinny
You & Tequila- Kenny Chesney & Grace Potter (Live)
Mile Marker Zero- Eric Dove
Don’t Worry Baby- Beach Boys
Guitars & Flip Flops- Tropical Dreamers
Life is Better in Flip Flops- Tiki Thom Starkey
Take Me to Paradise- Kid Conch
Beach Bound- Duane Eddy
Boat Drinks- Jimmy Buffett (Live)
Cold Beer Drinker- Luke Bryan
Beer in the Cooler- Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef
Whiskey Round- Samantha Fitzpatrick
If Tequila Won’t Do it- Tropical Soul
Coffee All Morning- Bob Karwin
Hangover- America
Rebel Soul- Mishka
Rocksteady- Alton Ellis & the Flames
Three Wild Widows- Barefoot Man
Gotta Go- Ray Fogg

Show Schedule 3/18/2013

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM,, I-Tunes & smart phone apps
Special guest: Leanne Regalla
Don’t Chu-Know- Jimmy Buffett
Sunshine Girl- Gene Mitchell
If I Was a Lizard- Desert Island Band
Far Away from Here- Leanne Regalla
Blow Me Down to Cayo Hueso- Scott Kirby
Why Don’t We Stay- Lance “Flipper” Steen
Leanne Regalla live
Ocean View- Latitude
Kiss My Past- Matt Hoggatt (Live)
Boat Drinks- Robert Greenidge
Keep an Eye on Summer- Brian Wilson
Life is Beautiful- Scott Stowe
Pointless Without You- Leanne Regalla
Rain Jaudon New Orleans report
Leanne live
Music on the Bay- Steve Tolliver
Carefree Highway- Gordon Lightfoot
Free- Bad Nicholas
That Island Magic- Island Castaways
Spring Fever- Orleans
Batman- Brian Setzer Orchestra
Leanne live
Migration- Jimmy Buffett
Wagon Wheel Goes Trop Rock- Don Middlebrook
Coming in From the Cold- Bob Marley (Live)
Blue Jeans and a Tie Dyed Shirt- Tiffany Hulse
I Don’t Know What I’m Doing, I’m Just Doing it- Leanne Regalla
Suntan City- Luke Bryan
Can’t Always Get What You Want/Wild Side- Calypso Nuts
Be Good to Yourself- Bob Gatewood
Cold Beer- Jeff Ronay
Theme for Jetsetters- Tikiyaki Orchestra

Show Schedule 3-13-2013

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM,, I-Tunes & smart phone apps
St. Pattys/ Spring break show
Special guest: West Side Steve Simmons
Whiskey in the Jar- Brace Yourself Bridget
68 Tango- Steve Tolliver
All By Myself- Scott Stowe
Red is the Rose/ Loch Lomond- West Side Steve
WSS live
Follow the Whale- Brigid’s Cross (Live)
Pina Colada in a Pint Glass- Gaelic Storm
Drinking Mexico Dry- Mark Mulligan
Give Me a Landshark- Jeff McNiven
Island Time- West Side Steve
Schooner Lake Set- Gaelic Storm
Whiskey Morning- Pat Dailey
Tangy Margaritas- Boat Drunks (-1:23)
Great Lakes Song- West Side Steve
Phlock talk with the Kaleys
WSS live
The Raggle Taggle Gypsy- The Waterboys
Kiss Me, I’m Irish- Gaelic Storm
Liveaboard- Key West Chris
Where the Boat Leaves From- Calypso Nuts
Coast of Carolina- Jimmy Buffett (Live)
Live from Matt Malloy’s Pub- The Chieftains
WSS live
Back on Put in Bay- West Side Steve
The Derby Ram- K’not Fibb’n True
Finnegan’s Wake- Corned Beef & Curry (Live)
Spring Break Up- Luke Bryan
One Love- Mr.Myers (Live)
WSS live
Whiskey Round- Samantha Fitzpatrick
Paddy Murphy- Brigid’s Cross (Live)
Green Eyes, Red Hair- Gaelic Storm
King of Somewhere Hot- Robert Greenidge
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