Month: November 2013

Show Schedule – 11-25-2013 – Bob Gatewood Interview

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM,, I-Tunes & smart phone apps
Special guest: Bob Gatewood
Finally Home- Bob Gatewood
Magnolia Tree- Bob Gatewood
Here Comes the Cold- Pat Dailey (Live)
Back to Key West- Sallie Foster
The Key West Serenade- Yankee Jack
Charlie Wiener call
Bob Gatewood live
Friends of the Bay- Calabash
White Squall- Westside Steve
Bob Gatewood live
Come Monday- Robert Greenidge
Sand in my Shoes- Pirates,Guitars & Beachfront Bars
Stop Misleading the Youth- Marty Dread & Carlos Jones
The Island Way- Ricky Hana
Beer Chat with Key West Chris
The Warmth of the Sun- Beach Boys
Tonight I Just Need my Guitar- Jimmy Buffett
Bob Gatewood live
Blades on the Water- Bob Gatewood
The P&B Song- Ray Fogg
Island Tings- Steve Tolliver
Wrong Way Inn- Los Straitjackets
Parrothead Story- Mark Nemcek,Dave Rubinstein,Marcal Rasa
Get Your Ass to Cleveland- Pat Dailey (Live)
Be Good to Yourself- Bob Gatewood
Bob Gatewood live
Who Needs Margaritaville- Mad Dog Adams
Drinks and Dreams- Renegades Band
Far Away From Here- Leanne Regalla
Bob Gatewood live
Bad Day- Joe Moorhead Band
On and On- Sonic Executive Sessions
Gotta Go- Bob Gatewood
Secret Agent Man- Dave Soreff

Show Schedule – 11-18-2013 – Carlos Jones

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM,, I-Tunes & smart phone apps
Special guest: Carlos Jones
Dancing in the Sand- Carlos Jones
Belly Up to the Horizon- Coconut Boat Band
Five Lines in a Tervis Tumbler- Howard Livingston
Reggae in my Head- Ziggy Marley (Live)
Carlos Jones live
Reggae Music- Jimmy Cliff
Cuban Crime of Passion- Jimmy Buffett
Seasons- Brittany Kingery
Let’s Get Tropical- Steve Tolliver
Carlos Jones live
Three Amigos- Caribbean Jazz Project
Song on the Radio- Al Stewart
Live a Little, Get Wet a Lot- Don Middlebrook
I Want to go Back to Cartagena- Jimmy Buffett
Flagler Beach- Captain Nick
Carlos Jones live
Mellow Mood- Carlos Jones
Stir It Up- Bob Marley
Drinks in our Hands- Joe Moorhead Band
Little Blue Boat- Boat Drunks with Scott Kirby
A Shot in the Dark- Frozen Gringos
Jammin’- Grover Washington Jr.
Whiskey Kisses- Dani Hoy
There’s So Many- Brian Wilson
Welcome to Senoritaville- Jerry Diaz
Carlos Jones live
Torchbearer- Carlos Jones
Is This Love- Bob Marley (Live)
I Like to Dream- Jimi Pappas
Romance in Paradise- Gene Mitchell
Livin’ the Dream- Massacoustics (Live)
C’mon Get Happy- Jimmy Cliff
Boat Drinks- Robert Greenidge

Show Schedule 11-11-2013

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM,, I-Tunes & smart phone apps
Una Mas Cerveza- Boat Drunks
All Summer Long- Ron Dante
Sugar Sugar- Archies
Ron Dante interview
Tracy- Cuff Links
Jingle Jangle- Archies
Sweet Surf Music/Devil with the Blue Dress On- Ron Dante
Help Me Rhonda- Beach Boys (Live- Dennis Wilson lead)
Jon Stebbins interview
Pacific Ocean Blue- Dennis Wilson
Little Bird- Beach Boys (Live)
Wouldn’t It Be Nice- Beach Boys (Instrumental)
Little Beach Bum- Jimi Pappas
Devil on the Beach- Joe Moorhead Band
Coconut Telegraph- Jimmy Buffett
Pascagoula Run- Rhythm & Rain (Live)
Tequila Happy- Jake Thomas
Retro- Les Kerr
Frozen Gringos- Frozen Gringos (Hugo Duarte & Jeff Pike)
Top Five- Brent Burns
Hiding Out in the Florida Keys- Mad Dog Adams
Come on In- Kid Conch & Gary Phillips
Tequila- Dave Soreff
Hold Me Tight- Stars on the Water
Everyday is a Holiday- Loren Davidson
Frank & Lola- Jimmy Buffett
Ventura Highway- America (Live)
Honey Come Back- Jimmy Webb with Kris Kristofferson
Ocean Blue- Swim Skinny
I Like it Hot- Dani Hoy
Sunlight- Scott Stowe
Tiki Bar- Ron Bell
Colors- Calypso Nuts
One Particular Harbor- Robert Greenidge

Show Schedule 11-4-2013 – Special guests: Joe Moorhead band

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM,, I-Tunes & smart phone apps
Special guests: Joe Moorhead band
Uncle Harry- Captain Quint
On an Island- Charlie Imes
The Road to Paradise- Jeff Pike
Jeff Pike interview
The Future that Remains- Jeff Pike
Me & My Sailboat- Jeff Pike & Hugo Duarte (Live)
Girl on Holiday- Joe Moorhead Band
Joe Moorhead live
Back in Ohio- Joe Moorhead Band
Tonga Juice- Island Castaways Band
Somethin’ About a Boat- Jimmy Buffett
Three Amigos- Caribbean Jazz Project
Joe Moorhead live
Drink in My Hand- Joe Moorhead
Adios- Jimmy Webb with Amy Grant
Surfer’s Rule- Beach Boys
Rich Breest Island info
Your Girlfriend Says Hello- Jim Morris
Gypsy Wisdom- Don Middlebrook with KW Band & Choir
Joe Moorhead live
Sunshine Driving- Joe Moorhead
The Coast- Jimmy Parrish
Migration- Jim Asbell
Stranger in Paradise- Martin Denny
Sunny Side of Life- Kid Conch
I Like it Hot- Dani Hoy
Castle of Sand- Laurie Biagini
Joe Moorhead live
Island Get Down- Joe Moorhead
Salt River- John Frinzi
Sailin’ the Wind- Loggins & Messina
Grapefruit-Juicy Fruit- Jimmy Buffett (Live)
You Can Get it if You Really Try- Desmond Dekker
Aloha My Hawaii- Ricky Hana
Big Wave Surfer- Kid Conch
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