Month: January 2014

14th Anniversary Show Schedule

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM,, I-Tunes & Tune in Radio app
14th Anniversary show
Barstools & Beach Chairs- Cedar Island Band
Knee Deep- Zac Brown Band with Jimmy Buffett
I Want to be Your Cabana Boy- Sunny Jim White (Live)
Bar Time & Island Time- Sunny Jim White
Sunny Jim White interview
Voila, An American Dream- Sunny Jim White
Rum Jumbies- Sunny Jim White
Life in the Laid Back Lane- Sunny Jim White (Live)
Laugh & Sing- Rob Mehl
Happy Tropical Anniversary- Gene Mitchell
Pencil Thin Mustache- Carnival Steel Drums
There’s an Ocean- Strangefinger
More Time Drinking Beer- Southern Drawl Band
Key West Attitude- Tiki Thom Starkey
Rich Breest Island Info
I Wave Bye Bye- Jimmy Buffett
Islands & Bylands- EC Davis
Chameleon- Babylon Saints
Beautiful Girls- Jake Thomas & the Half Conched Band
Who the Pepper- Eric Stone
B.F.D.- Kid Conch
The Good Life- Latitude
Waikiki Beach Ukulele Blues- Ricky Hana
I Get Around- Beach Boys with Sawyer Brown
Got To Move- Point Judith
Heart of the Night- Poco
Grapefruit Juicy Fruit- Jimmy Buffett (Live)
Here Comes the Cold- Pat Dailey (Live)
Keys in the Car- Caribbean Blue
Canceled Flight to Paradise- Sam Rainwater
Life is Beautiful- Scott Stowe
Air Sunshine- Jambo Joe Bones
Party in Paradise- Steve Tolliver
Adventures in Paradise- Dave Soreff

Show Schedule 1-20-2014 – Ray Fogg Interview

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM,, I-Tunes & smart phone apps
Special guest: Ray Fogg
My Little Tiki Bar- Tiki Thom Starkey
Livin’ on Key West Time- Howard Livingston
I Wasn’t Going to Drink Today- Southern Drawl Band
Mike Nash interview (Southern Drawl Band)
Gone With the Wind- Southern Drawl Band
Another Day in Paradise- Southern Drawl Band
Crazy Hot from the Heat- Junkanoo Brothers
The Boaters Song- Ray Fogg
Ray Fogg live
Gimme Boats,Gimme Babes,Gimme Beer- Bob Banerjee
Hula Girl at Heart- Jimmy Buffett
Fins- Carnival Steel Drums
Kiss My Bass- Ray Fogg
Beer Run- Todd Snider (Live)
I Recognize You- Sam Rainwater
Phlock talk with the Kaleys
Fool Button- KD Moore with Fingers Taylor (Live)
Ray Fogg live
The Golden Rule- Ray Fogg
True,True,True- Ken Parker
Trapped in Paradise Again- Greg Dillard
Going Down to Paradise- Giddyup Dave
Ray Fogg live
Night of Tropic Love- Dave Soreff
Don’t Worry Baby- Brian Wilson (Live)
Slow Down Summer- Rob Mehl
Gone Native- Dani Hoy
Ray Fogg live
Look For the Whiskey Light- Ray Fogg
Vermilion- Pat Dailey (Live)
La,La,La Beer Me- Bob Banerjee
Blame it on the Rum- Sunny Jim White
Tides- Jimmy Buffett
Barbados- Poco
Livin’ on Island Time- Captain Nick

Show Schedule 1-13-2014 Samantha Fitzpatrick Interview

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM,, I-Tunes, & smart phone apps
Special guest: Samantha Fitzpatrick
The Conch Republic Song- Michael McCloud
Here in the North- Pat Dailey (Live)
Standing By- Babylon Saints
Above Blue Waters- Samantha Fitzpatrick Band
Samantha Fitzpatrick live
Great Lakes Song- Lee Murdock (Live)
Southernmost Point- Cedar Island Band
Tulsa Sounds like Trouble to Me- Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (Live)
Rooster Rag- Little Feat
Samantha Fitzpatrick live
Adventures in Paradise- Dave Soreff
Whiskey Round- Samantha Fitzpatrick Band
Philosphy 101- Rob Mehl
New York’s a Lonely Town- The Tradewinds
Jim Siler’s Trop rock events update
Samantha Fitzpatrick live
The Best of Me- Samantha Fitzpatrick Band
Sunshine Driving- Joe Moorhead Band
We’ll Get By- Boat Drunks with Jerry Diaz
The Whole Nine Yards- Eric Stone (Live)
Shoveling Sunshine- Coconut Radio
Little Girl I Once Knew- Beach Boys (Live)
Sing Ram Bam- Dave Lapio
The Wino & I Know- Jimmy Buffett
Beach in a Bottle- Joe Bennett
Back to the Bay- Charlie Wiener
Good Times & Beer- Charlie Imes
Samantha Fitzpatrick live
Can You Not Hear Me Now- Sam Rainwater
Hemingway’s Porch- Dani Hoy
Island Girl- Jake & the Half Conched Band
In Her Shoes- Don Middlebrook
Reggae Music- Jimmy Cliff
Turning of the Tide- Scott Kirby
Low Tide- Los Straightjackets

Show Schedule 1/6/2014 Steve Tolliver Interview

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM,, I-Tunes & smart phone apps
Brand New Year- Eric Carmen
Sand Beneath My Feet- John Schneider of Johnny & the Waves
Let’s Get Tropical- Steve Tolliver
Down by the Sea- Steve Tolliver
Captain Tony’s- Steve Tolliver
All I Have to do is Dream- Everly Brothers
Devoted to You- Beach Boys
Wine and Women in Thongs- Mark Northey
Your Love- The Dirty Heads with Kymani Marley
Beyond the Reef- Dave Soreff
My Fake Life- Bob Karwin
Team Drink- Sam Rainwater
Barometer Soup- Jimmy Buffett
Out Drinkin’- Pat Dailey (Live) :14 in
Beer Run- Todd Snider
Don’t Hurry- Rob Mehl
Regatta- Northern Light
Little Beach Bum- Jimi Pappas
Legend of the Lake Surfer- The Crazed Mugs
Martini Time- Aqua Velvets
Montego Bay- Calypso Nuts
Come in to my Life- Jimmy Cliff
I’m an Island- Little River Band
Blue Guitar- Peter Mayer (Live)
Tequila Happy- Jake & the Half Conched Band
Dream on Down to the Keys- Colin Ward & Bruce Kula
Outta Here- Kenny Chesney
Love Song- Trinidadio
Dance in the Rain- Ron Bell
Wish You Were Here- Danny Morgan
Cultural Infadel- Robert Greenidge
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