Month: September 2014

Show Schedule 9-29-2014 Charlie Wiener Interview

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM, & Tune in
Retired- Brent Burns & Ray Stevens
Flora-Bama- Kenny Chesney
Latitude Adjustment- Latitude
Latitude interview
Talk Nautical to Me- Latitude
Following the Coastline- Latitude (Live)
Songwriter’s Lament- Pat Dailey (Live)
Charlie Wiener call
Rosewood Bitters- Michael Stanley (Live)
Seasons- Mad Dog Adams
Tin Cup Chalice-Dave Lapio
Love & Luck- Jimmy Buffett
Beautiful Day- Emily Keener
Barbara Ann- Beach Boys
I’m an Island- Little River Band
Retromercial #36
Jim Siler Trop Rock events update
Rum is the Answer (What was the question?)- Barefoot Davis (Live)
Drinking in the Sunshine- Bamboo Trading Co.
Blowin’ Like a Bandit- Mike Aiken
Country Beach- Ginger Pangas
Legacy- Ron Bell
The Kingston Slide- Bob Porembski
Cheesecakes- Jimmy Buffett (Live)
Team Drink- Sam Rainwater
Native Tongue- Frozen Gringos
Gone Native- Dani Hoy
Party in the Kitchen- John Frinzi
Secret of Life- James Taylor
I’ll Save a Sunset for You- Joe Bennett
Kala Tree- Parrot Island Band
No Gas, No Motor, No Problem- Gene Mitchell
Drink Until We Fall in Love- Boudreaux’s Backporch
Beyond the Reef- Dean Simmons

Show Schedule 9-22-2014 Jake Thomas Interview

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM, & Tune in
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Rocky Top- Southern Drawl Band
Two Pina Coladas- Garth Brooks (Live)
Tequila Happy- Jake & the Half Conched Band
Jake Thomas interview
Nothin’ But Sun- Jake & the Half Conched Band
Shot of Mexico- Jake & the Half Conched Band
Grouper & Beer- Jake & the Half Conched Band
On a Beach in Mexico- Jerry Diaz
Come as You are Beach Bar- Matt Hoggatt
Endless Summer- Eric Stone
Beach Life- Don Middlebrook
Boat Drinks- Dave Lapio
Pirate Vacation- Loren Davidson
New Jersey Girl- Hugo Duarte (Live)
Magic in Key West- Howard Livingston
Retrommerical #24
Mark Woods drink recipes
Booyah- Swim Skinny
Tryin’ to Reason with Hurricane Season- Jimmy Buffett
Cool Blue Swing- Peter Mayer (Live)
Cuban Sugar- Brent Burns
Drinks in our Hands- Joe Moorhead Band
Santa Cruz’n- Drifting Sand
Tequila Talking- Brittany Kingery
Surfer Girl- Dave Soreff
Heart of the Night- Poco
Good to My Baby- Beach Boys
The Coral Reef- Capn’ Jac
Three Sheets to the Wind- Bill Cockrell
Slow Down Summer- Rob Mehl
Seasons- Mad Dog Adams
Rudy Got Soul- Desmond Dekker & the Aces
Treat Her Like a Lady- Jimmy Buffett
Tiki Bar Hoppin’- Dave McKenney
I Gotta Go- Ray Fogg
Reaching Shangri-la- Aqua Velvets

Show Schedule 9-15-2014

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM,, & Tune in
Rum Barrel- Crazed Mugs
Beach Tour USA- Drifting Sand
Live Like Jimmy Buffett- Donny Brewer
Donny Brewer interview
Tuff Gong- Donny Brewer
A Little More Rum- Donny Brewer
Gimme Boats, Gimme Babes, Gimme Beer- Bob Banerjee
Oasis- Charlie Imes
Beach Bum- Jeff McNiven
When the Coast is Clear- Jimmy Buffett
Sunset Beach- Bob Porembski
After the Rain- Pat Dailey
Sailin’- Cecilio & Kapono
Don’t It Make You Wander- Mark Mulligan
RC # 33
Rain Jaudon’s Nawlins report
Sloop John B- Rhythm & Rain (Live)
Minivan Kinda Man- Matt Hoggatt
Busy Doin’ Nothing- Beach Boys
Another Sunset- Howard Livingston
Just Came Down for the Weekend- Highway 1
You & Tequila- Kenny Chesney & Grace Potter (Live)
Hot, Hot, Hot- Jamaican Steel Band
A Pirate Looks at 40/Redemption Song- Jimmy Buffett (Live)
Get Over It- Joe Moorhead Band
I’d Love to Play in your Restaurant- James Cobb
Volume Knob- Jim Morris
Sunny Skies- Charlie Imes
T.U.I.- Greg Dillard
Tropical Recharge- Chris Sacks Band
Not Enough Tequila- Ron Bell
Thunder Island- Bill Cockrell
Hanky Panky- Jimmy & the Parrots
Surf Scene- Surfaris

Show Schedule – 9-8-2014 Bill Cockrell Interview

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM, & Tune in
Keepin’ the Summer Alive- Beach Boys (Live)
Sol Searching- Scott Kirby
Conched Out- Bill Cockrell
Bill Cockrell interview
Aquaholic- Bill Cockrell
Sun After Rain- Bill Cockrell
Nobody From Nowhere- Jimmy Buffett
Homegrown- Mishka & Willie Nelson
Let’s Get Tropical- Steve Tolliver
Be Good To Yourself- Bob Gatewood
Point Panic- Surfaris
Really Drinking Beer- Matt Hoggatt
This Hotel Room- Steve Goodman
Good Girls Go to Heaven- Yankee Jack
Phlock talk with Steve & Cindy
I Need a New Island- John Friday
The Adventures of Flipper- Don Middlebrook
Vinyl Records- Brian Setzer
Ride That Wave- Tiki Tiki Tom Toms
Summertime is a State of Mind- Cherry Drops
Trop Rock Buffet- Parrot Island Band
Acapulco- Donny Brewer
Catamaran Race- John Patti
One World- John Denver
One Thing- Jah Works
Straight Tequila Night- Geo Creaux & the Cuddlefish
You Shook Me All Night Long- Cecilia Noel
Soundtrack of the Summer- Boat Drunks with the Massacoustics
Dream in Blue- Brittany Kingery
Incommunicado- Jimmy Buffett
Cafe on the Corner- Mac Mcannally (Live)
Treasure Island Cove- Wilson Buffett
Nothin’s Small in a Bar- Ray Fogg
Alohawaii- Drifting Sand
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