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Show 8-20-2012

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Special guests: Swim Skinny, Tom Johnson, & Kevin Johnston
Keepin’ the Summer Alive- Beach Boys
All Summer Long- Brian Wilson (Live)
Walking Back to New Orleans- Swim Skinny
I Wanna Be a Pirate- Paul Roush
Pineapple Jam 2013- Captain Quint
Working on my Tan- Bob Karwin
Swim Skinny live
Conched- A1A Jake Thomas
Cliches- Jimmy Buffett
Bad As- Dani Hoy
Theme from Endless Summer- The Sandals
San Francisco- Scott McKenzie
Candyman Blues- Little Feat
Ocean Blue- Swim Skinny
Phlock talk with the Kaleys
Ms. Grace- The Tymes
Swim Skinny live
Boat in the Harbor- Swim Skinny
Puff the Magic Dragon- Tiki Thom Starkey
Fly Away- Loren Davidson
Tiki Groove- John Patti
Coastal Confessions- Jimmy Buffett
Our Own Adventure- Nicky Fabbz
Swing Sailor of Perryman 2013- Captain Quint
Swim Skinny live
Paradise- Dani Hoy
Just to See if I Could- Paul Roush
Beachnick Hippie- Swim Skinny
Somewhere Someday- Loren Davidson
Eddie’s Edgewater- Colin Ward / Bruce Kula
The Baddest Fish- Captain Quint
Walk Don’t Run ’64- The Ventures

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