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Show 8-6-2012

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Waiting in Vain- Calypso Nuts
Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay- Otis Redding
4 O’Clock Sun- Seth Swirsky
Seth Swirsky interview
Summer in Her Hair- Seth Swirsky
I Could Get Used to You- The Red Button
Distracted- Seth Swirsky
Be My Baby Boomer Baby- Brent Burns
Summer is a State of Mind- Surf School Dropouts
Beaches in Mind- Beach Boys
Witches in Bikinis- Rhumbazoid
Jessica- Allman Brothers
Island Song- Zac Brown Band
Back to Belize- Swim Skinny
Rain Jaudon New Orleans report
Last Mango in Paris- Jimmy Buffett (Live)
The Pirate- Mad Dog Adams
Lighten Up- Mike Broward
Sailor’s Story- Bob Banerjee
Livin’ on Island Time- Captain Nick
No More Delusional Than Usual- Jim Hoehn
Mislerlou- Dick Dale
Summer- War
Tropical Country- Gene Mitchell
Boats to Build- Jerry Jeff Walker
Dreamsicle- Jimmy Buffett (Live)
Key West Heart- Hugo Duarte
Magic Cruise- Ramajay Intercoastal
Picture Perfect Sunset- Steven Youngblood
Monkeys in your Coconut Tree- Coconut Boat Band
Little Summertime- Tropical Soul
Revenge of the Rickenbackers- Gil McLean

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