Show Schedule 1-20-2014 – Ray Fogg Interview

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM,, I-Tunes & smart phone apps
Special guest: Ray Fogg
My Little Tiki Bar- Tiki Thom Starkey
Livin’ on Key West Time- Howard Livingston
I Wasn’t Going to Drink Today- Southern Drawl Band
Mike Nash interview (Southern Drawl Band)
Gone With the Wind- Southern Drawl Band
Another Day in Paradise- Southern Drawl Band
Crazy Hot from the Heat- Junkanoo Brothers
The Boaters Song- Ray Fogg
Ray Fogg live
Gimme Boats,Gimme Babes,Gimme Beer- Bob Banerjee
Hula Girl at Heart- Jimmy Buffett
Fins- Carnival Steel Drums
Kiss My Bass- Ray Fogg
Beer Run- Todd Snider (Live)
I Recognize You- Sam Rainwater
Phlock talk with the Kaleys
Fool Button- KD Moore with Fingers Taylor (Live)
Ray Fogg live
The Golden Rule- Ray Fogg
True,True,True- Ken Parker
Trapped in Paradise Again- Greg Dillard
Going Down to Paradise- Giddyup Dave
Ray Fogg live
Night of Tropic Love- Dave Soreff
Don’t Worry Baby- Brian Wilson (Live)
Slow Down Summer- Rob Mehl
Gone Native- Dani Hoy
Ray Fogg live
Look For the Whiskey Light- Ray Fogg
Vermilion- Pat Dailey (Live)
La,La,La Beer Me- Bob Banerjee
Blame it on the Rum- Sunny Jim White
Tides- Jimmy Buffett
Barbados- Poco
Livin’ on Island Time- Captain Nick

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