Show Schedule 11-11-2013

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM,, I-Tunes & smart phone apps
Una Mas Cerveza- Boat Drunks
All Summer Long- Ron Dante
Sugar Sugar- Archies
Ron Dante interview
Tracy- Cuff Links
Jingle Jangle- Archies
Sweet Surf Music/Devil with the Blue Dress On- Ron Dante
Help Me Rhonda- Beach Boys (Live- Dennis Wilson lead)
Jon Stebbins interview
Pacific Ocean Blue- Dennis Wilson
Little Bird- Beach Boys (Live)
Wouldn’t It Be Nice- Beach Boys (Instrumental)
Little Beach Bum- Jimi Pappas
Devil on the Beach- Joe Moorhead Band
Coconut Telegraph- Jimmy Buffett
Pascagoula Run- Rhythm & Rain (Live)
Tequila Happy- Jake Thomas
Retro- Les Kerr
Frozen Gringos- Frozen Gringos (Hugo Duarte & Jeff Pike)
Top Five- Brent Burns
Hiding Out in the Florida Keys- Mad Dog Adams
Come on In- Kid Conch & Gary Phillips
Tequila- Dave Soreff
Hold Me Tight- Stars on the Water
Everyday is a Holiday- Loren Davidson
Frank & Lola- Jimmy Buffett
Ventura Highway- America (Live)
Honey Come Back- Jimmy Webb with Kris Kristofferson
Ocean Blue- Swim Skinny
I Like it Hot- Dani Hoy
Sunlight- Scott Stowe
Tiki Bar- Ron Bell
Colors- Calypso Nuts
One Particular Harbor- Robert Greenidge

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