Show Schedule 11-3-2014

Island Time- 10 PM to 1 AM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM,, & Tune in
Special guest: Tracy Marie
Indian Summer- America
November Sun- Coconut Boat Band
Shark!- Tiki Tiki Tom Toms
Matt Burmeister of the Tiki Toms Toms interview
Coconut Hut- Tiki Tiki Toms Toms
Pineapple in the Sand- Tiki Tiki Tom Toms
Peckerwood- Sauce Boss
Cleveland Bound- Tracy Marie
Tracy Marie live
Tonight I Just Need My Guitar- Jimmy Buffett
Big Wave Surfer- Kid Conch
Spooky- Geo Creaux & the Cuddlefish
Kiss My A1A- Sheree Cade
Real Good Time- Tracy Marie (Live)
Retromercial # 20
Mark Woods “Tiki Tender” drink recipes
Tracy Marie live
Runnin’ on Jamaican Time- Mr. Myers
Little Bit- Barefoot Man
Waterline- Jake Thomas
Sail Away- Brian Wilson & Van Dyke Parks
Another Lazy Lyin’ on the Beach Afternoon- Laurie Biagini
Wah-Wahini- Rip Chords
Lovely Cruise- Robert Greenidge
Voila, an American Dream- Sunny Jim White
Something Ain’t Right to Me- Matt Hoggatt
Key Lime Limbo- Rob Mehl
Tracy Marie live
The One in the Sun- Tracy Marie
Going Down to Mexico- Giddyup Dave
Chicago Girl- Blue Island Beach Club
Two Day- Young Rebel Goombas
Save it For a Rainy Day- Kenny Chesney
Put a Little Hot Sauce on It- Jimmy Parrish
Three Sheets to the Wind- Bill Cockrell
Sunset Beach- Bob Porembski

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