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Beer Chat



Beer Chat is a beer segment with a twist of lime. Key lime. Key West Chris, Dani Hoy and Cowboy Mark discuss beer and all its merits along with beer-related stories on location from the Cork and Stogie in Key West.






MARK WOODS- “Tiki Tender drink recipes”

Mark Woods, aka “The Tiki Tender” joins DK the DJ on the air to talk Tropical drinks !

Mark is the manager/ bartender/ mixoligist for the Golden Lion Cafe in Flagler Beach, Florida. He has become well know in parrothead/ trop rock circles for his many and varied tropical drink recipes !

He is also big fan of trop rock music. He loves to tell us that his job post is just steps away from the ocean. Nice work environment !
Hear Mark Woods “The Tiki Tender” every month or so @ 11:15 PM, eastern for “TROPICAL DRINK RECIPES” on the
WBWC 88.3 FM & wbwc.com



Rain Jaudon

Trop rock musician Rain Jaudon joins us with live reports from Bourbon Street during his gig @ the Tropical Isle ! Rain , from Biloxi, Miss. has his own band, the Rhythm & Rain Trio.

With a great sense of humor, Rain’s call ins are always quite lively!

Catch Rain Jaudon’s “Live reports from Bourbon Street” on Island Time, once a month or so at 11:15 PM, eastern on WBWC 88.3 FM, and wbwc.com on the ISLAND TIME RADIO SHOW.




Cindy Muir – from Trop Rockin Magazine

Cindy Muir is a main contributor for Trop Rockin’ Magazine and serves on the Trop Rock Music Association Board. She and her husband Don live on the coast in Port Aransas, Texas and she loves tropical travel. Cindy has one published book, “Schooled For Murder,” and is working on her second, entitled “Coasting For Murder. “Its “Trop Rockin with Cindy” every month or so @ 11:15PM on the ISLAND TIME RADIO SHOW !!








THE KALEYS- Phlock Talk

From Pittsburgh, Pa. Pat & Dan Kaley are the organizers of the annual “Phlocking of the Phaithful” & “Halfway to Phlocking” trop rock events.
Pat and Dan fill us in on all the updated info on the phlocking events!
There is always a good story to tell along the way too!

Hear “PHLOCK TALK WITH THE KALEYS” every month or so @ 11:15PM, eastern on the Island Time Radio Show !

WBWC 88.3 FM & wbwc.com

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